by gimmegoodstyle


I LOOOVEEE AMERICAAA! Land of Freedom, Liberty, and…fashion!

Okay, maybe I am becoming a little bit too ‘hopeful immigrant’ here. I love U.S because everyone seems to have a chic, cool style there. Even the ones, who don’t care about fashion (don’t famous editors come from random places in U.S that doesn’t care much about fashion?) I love the braveness, the sexiness, the wildness of people there (Spring Breakers reference. Right, maybe not the best one, but it’s pretty much the truth.) The atmosphere is so cool until I can almost feel it on my skins every single time I watch American movies or musics or magazines. Okay, stop, don’t crush my American Dream with high-cost-living, crazy cities, crazy traffics, crazy wild crimes now.

Not now.

But I think I’ll take back my words before. There is only one style that I hate from U.S and I hope you won’t yell at me because this style also takes part in making U.S cultures become so global and trendy. Cowboy. Or cowgirl or whatever cow- you can come up with.

I just don’t get the hats, the big belt, the rough (plaid!!) shirts and fringy pants/jeans. What? Seriously, I don’t want to be saved by Wild West Hero, who dressed like that. I think all those stuffs make them a bit silly and the only thing that saved the whole persona is the gun (or guns.) And I used to think there is no good can come from a gunfight.

Pff, cowboys can look so much better, if they could change that crazy fringy pants with jeans, girls started wearing dresses (or loosen up that shirt a little bit), and people can stop walking into a bar and blow someone’s head. Thanks Wild West. Okay, I am finished talking and you Americans… you can shout, kill, grilled, and dress me up in cowboy’s outfit now.

Taken from Garance Dore