by gimmegoodstyle


Okay, I get along pretty well with pop music and I am very happy this year! Demi Lovato finally launched her new album entitled Demi (very cool, very pop, very easy listening, very addictive) and several musicians are coming back this year too (Miley Cyrus, Karmin, Selena Gomez. Wait? Is Selena really a singer?! We’ll talk about that later!) What an exciting year and…competitive year too. Just face it, even though performers and songwriters always put a smile on their faces during award ceremony and Billboard Summer Playlist, they all know that deep down they want to win. They want it so bad because it really is matter for their careers and…satisfaction.

And I know that every musician has their own standards and uniqueness, but right now no one can really compete with these two: Gaga and Perry. Both are awesome, both are cool, both are very stylish on the red carpet. Both are launching their new songs yesterday. Katy Perry with ROAR and Gaga with Applause.

I have to say both are really good and catchy (okay, have to stop typing ‘both’.) Love Katy’s happy beat, strong lyrics, confident mood trademarks and I beg you to give me one name who doesn’t love her new lyric video. Just cute, very relatable in everyday life, and I appreciate her for including her friends and crews on the video (their names, at least).

On the other side, Mother Monster is going strong with dark, edgy, heavy beat of her Applause. A bit glorifying fame and pop-art-whatever, if you ask me. But still entertaining enough to hear. Anyway, it’s not always about me this time, music has to be enjoyed and criticized by public.

What do you think? Will you download ROAR or APPLAUSE?

Eh, me? I’ll just download both of them. Easy.