Schield ‘The Exhibitionist’

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s been a very long time since the last Little Project’s post and I feel a little bit guilty about it. Fine, maybe I didn’t check my mail box really often, but I never got any interesting email before. Thank God, someone finally showed up and it was someone called Diego Diaz Marin, he is Spanish photographer and maybe that’s also the reason why I never heard his name before he came up to me with his email. Well, my bad.

Diego just worked on this ad campaign for jewelry company, Schield, called ‘The Exhibitionist.’

The campaign looks a little bit ‘too glossy’, but still fierce enough for me. I like the museum-mannequin-blue-facade thing (yeah, and those jewelries look quite nice). Anyway, the story should be a girl with a bit mad mind (but not crazy yet)(okay, maybe the press release says the girl has ‘mild personality disorder’, but I am trying to make it easy for us) sneaks into a museum, pretends that she is doing a photoshoot in artificial jungle, the security comes and pulls her hair to put some senses to her… too imaginative brain. Hmm, ooookay….. whatever the idea is, there are two things I am aware now:

First, let’s not pretend to be a model inside a museum. Second, we have to talk about Schield new collection, I think it could be the new ‘brand to crave for.’

Photographer: Diego Diaz Marin
Stylist: Roberto Ferlito and Diego Diaz Marin
Model: Anna Rudenko
Hair Stylist: Nino Maiorana
Make up Artist: Carla Sorrenti

Check Diego Diaz Marin for more information about himself and his works.