When More Is Better

by gimmegoodstyle

milan jakandjil.com patterned coats

Patterns. This trend never really dies, I am serious! It just loves to change from one pattern to another. Remember when tribal was on the rage last year before paisley pattern swoops in and change the game for good? That’s one of many patterns come-and-go cases.

Well, now I won’t talk about the circle of pattern trend because I never really know why, when, and how they change. It seems that one day they’re in and the next couple weeks they’re already on the trash. Pff, how can designers predict this kind of thing? Do they have really killer instinct or every day they go to secret basement in each fashion city and plan what’s going to in and out next season along with editors?

Argh, if it’s true, let me be a part of that strange society, please!

Back to our little talk, I always say not to wear pattern from head to toe, well, that’s pretty much true in a lof of cases. But as you know, fashion doesn’t really have any rules from the beginning and that’s why we’ll loosen up a bit with these girls and their trendy, a bit old-fashioned, not-really-classic, but still fashion-like patterned coats. I think both of them look more like tribal than paisley, or is it a totally different type of patterns? Who knows (put a chic shrug here)? One thing that we can all agreed is…. it looks like so much fun to wear!

Taken from Jak and Jil

P.S: Do you notice that the girl in the left is wearing a totally huge earrings? Garance Dore talked about it last weekend on her blog, and I think this big accessorie thing has been going on for quite a long time. Hmm, want to talk about it?