Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue September 2013 Issue

by gimmegoodstyle

jennifer lawrence for vogue us september issue

Jennifer Lawrence! Oh, so gorgeous, so perfect, so laid-back and stylish in her latest photoshoot for the most anticipated issue of Vogue US September Issue. Photographed by Mario Testino, the spontaneous star talks about fame, her latest work, crazy schedule and paparazzi.

This year the fashion bible goes even further by making 902 pages filled with (okay, a bit advertisements), cool fashion, and articles about fashion that we always love (Vogue articles are so funny and smart and always make me feel like total moron with Thesaur sitting in front of his computer, trying to find some words to replace ‘awesome.’) One thing that makes me confused is…why stop at 902? Why don’t they go chase 1000 glossy magazine pages? The number feels a little bit….strange.

Ah, whatever! As long as J-Law is in, Prada is in, Ralph and Dolce&Gabbana are in…I am in!

Taken from RCFA