Summer Tiredness

by gimmegoodstyle

new york sleepy head

I don’t know why these last days I feel extremely tired, even during my last holiday (I slept, ate, and the end of the day I felt like I just finished doing marathon!) It seems either I’ve finally reached (or fall to) the highest level of laziness or it’s simply because of the weather. The sun, the heat, the sweat, it’s like sauna out there on the street and inside a non-air-conditioned room is more like the hell’s lobby (the main room is my empty, not-used attic. Wow, the heat is…) Pfft, to those people who live in the north, I am gladly exchange our sun with your snows. Please, take it, take it, JUST TAKE IT!!

There is only one thing to do though: napping. Ahhh, nap tastes more delicious than any caffeine-filled-brown-liquid out there and even can compared to drugs. Yeah, drugs-user, why don’t you change all those dangerous pills for a good nap inside an air conditioned room and new huge king-size bed? But just like any guilty pleasure, napping makes me done nothing except producing more snore. Much more than my usual scale, which is not good for my family and noise-pollution level around my neighborhood. And I don’t even have time to study… okay, blogging.

Sorry, but this is how I roll during super-hot-summer.

And I don’t have any solution. Here’s the thing: I do try to cut down my nap-time, but every single minute is worth one percent energy more in my body, 30-minutes-less and I am more like a sweaty, exhausted, easily angered zombie from The Walking Dead (or even worse, World War Z. No, actually WWZ is much more fitting.) 60-minutes-less, well, Hannibal Lecter you better don’t mess with me.

Ironically I found the most fitting picture for this nap-exhibitionist-post. A girl with casual and chic outfit falls asleep in a cafe or public space. IN A CAFE. Wow, that’s totally a whole new level. Apart from low-safety, dangerous, and a bit image-killing, I have to praise her sleeping skill. Maybe I can try it once a while. Just a 15 minutes shut-and-open-thing…. or maybe a good one hour before the servant wake me up (you better don’t mess with me dudeeeeee!!!!!)

Ah, and a memorable Ellen DeGeneres monologue about cup sizes. You know what, Ellen? All those sizes seem make sense now in this August-middle-summer-heat.

Taken from The Sartorialist