Independence Day

by gimmegoodstyle


Euh, the title reminds of that film where alien attacks and we succeed to defeat it with bunch of military air forces, hacker, and Windows 95. Yes, totally amazing. Anyway, what I mean is Indonesia’s Independence Day which we yearly celebrate, 17th August, without barbeque, fireworks, and celebrity performances. No Beyonce (whaatttttttttt?!!!?)

Buuuuuuuttttttttt we had old traditional games and super-tropical weather to keep us entertained before formal flag ceremony tomorrow, including volleyball (all the players have to wear ‘daster’ -in fashion world means long-nightgown-women-use-to-bed-when-they-have-no-one-on-it), emoticon (players trying to drop cornflakes from their faces, which are attached with chocolate. Super hard!) And, of course, the infamous Tug of War.

I didn’t participate this year. But, hell, I still had a great time selling cold drinks and cheering from behind (and sneaking out to mall)(too hot, man. Too hot.)

Yeay for Indonesia!