The Faults In Our Blacks

by gimmegoodstyle

black and white

Even the best one can make mistakes. Sometimes. In fashion, one of the best styles is black on black. How perfect! Nothing bad can come from black, it hides your fat, it makes you look chic and the color just fit with any skin tones. Black? Purr-fect. But just like what I just typed before, even the best one can make some mistakes. Black includes. I don’t know how many times I see black until it becomes nothing more than a usual shade (or the National Color for Boring People.) Yes, black is officially becomes boring. Just look at the street and people around you, that girl wears black on black, and that guy, and that grandmama, and what appears to be her young second lover (okay, too much drama). Black is the official color of boredom and lack of effort in clothing. Even though I admit sometimes I want to hide behind all my black t-shirts and jeans.

Yeah, we all have that mood, right?

Don’t be sad though, we don’t need to throw all of our black clothes and wake up earlier just to curse in front of the mirror and do fashion-closet-suicide (will talk about that later.) We just have to modify the black a little bit.

First, let’s add more color. Color is your friend! Black can be the perfect first palette for other color. Example: in the picture below you can see a girl wearing a black jacket and a black skirt. But she easily walks away from the fashion police gaze (even managed to get inside The Sartorialist)(major accomplishment for street stylers.) WHY? Answer: she is cool (and laid back)(and trendy)(and chic-conscious) enough to add white bag and sneakers to tone up the black. Balance, kids. Balance! I am not saying white is the perfect choice, maybe you can go braver with red, green, neon (a bit 80s) and things like that….

(Side note: a little splash is enough to complete your look. Black is easily highlighting other color, even when it’s just a glimpse of it.)

Second, time to hit the accessories counter! Just like what I’ve just said. Black is a totally blank canvas. If you think there’s no color that will match with your black-on-black or your skin colors, you will have to hang your life to accessories. Prefer to choose big, bold, shiny accessories. They’re made for this kind of occasion. A save-me-from-black-occasion to be precise. How about big earrings? I think it’ll do you good.

Or…maybe you can wear something neon on your head. Beanie, everyone?

neon beanie

Third, let’s talk about textures. All black items can be fun without accessories or other colors, if you can play with texture. I, myself, can’t play this trick really well. Probably because the only ‘texture’ I have is either jeans or cotton. Life’s tough boys. You have to be creative and brave to do this step. Choose velvet for instant expensive, denim for boyish and probably something sparkly. Yes, you realize that I am a texture sucker.

Ah, and you can also put some surprises like this.


Fourth, different volume. Different volume means different dimensions, creating a seriously fun and dramatic look until people forget that you actually just wear one solid black. Try slim sweater with maxi, balloon-y skirt to create lazy-grunge style that once conquered the world.

Remember this one?

drama queen spotted

Fifth, if there is something called fifty shades of grey, there must be something called fifty shades of black. Yup, black actually has a lot of shades, why don’t you pick one?

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