STYLE Loves: SK-II UK Commercial

by gimmegoodstyle


Okay, the truth is; I usually scream painfully at Youtube commercial while screaming ‘quick quick quick’ inside my head like a crazy, psychopath from unfinished insane asylum. The only moment I love about commercial is when they pop that ‘skip this ad’ button on the down right corner of the video. Phew, seriously, this button does magic!

Then something strange happened yesterday. I was watching a classic funny cat videos (OMG, sooooooo cuuuttteeee and stupid at the same time. Pfft, cats….) And when I changed the video this annoying ad-thing came out and this time it’s SK-II. Okay, love SK-II. Hate their ads during my funny cat videos. Get ready ad, time to push the magic button.

But after half-heartedly watching half of the ad. I was surprised. This ad really is good, the magic button was abandoned at that point. The ad is called The Discovery, directed by award-winning director (huh, no wonder I love the not-really-mainstream storyline) Tom Hooper. It’s a gentle story of a young girl trying to find the village in Japan, where all the people there are young and (duh!) have soft skins, based on her grandmother story. Very beautiful, cinematic and shows us how beautiful Japanese culture can be. Well, I don’t mind watching this ad in one of thousands funny cat videos (ssooooo funnyyyyyy….caaatttsssss!!!)

SK-II really knows how soften my heart-on-ads. But just that one time.

One time.

Okay, let’s push replay (this button also does magic!)