The Long Life Of Denim

by gimmegoodstyle


Denim! Uh-huh, denim. Everyone knows this bad boy/girl (I mean both boys and girls love this chick/dude) and everyone seems to have one. I think denim is a bitchy material, you know. It’s easy to get, it’s quite cheap (okay maybe not all denim is cheap. Armani Jeans can cost you arms, legs and some other kidneys), and it’s definitely make you look good. Even though you can’t hide behind it forever. Well, whatever the occasion is denim is on the top of everyone’s list.

Including fashionistas during fashion weeks.

Do you know how hard it is to choose a decent outfit for a fashion weeks? It’s hard. Very hard. You always seem to do it wrong, while everyone is doing great with their new Carven coats and Balenciaga boots. Oh, the bag? It’s Chanel. And those vintage girls are quite annoyingly stylish and they don’t even wear new clothes. Plus, they’re becoming even more annoying when they strut into the venue with their clunky heels and sit ON THE FRONT ROW!!!!! Yeah, we totally need a better strategy.

That’s why you better find safety in classic materials like denim (have you ever heard that phrase before; better safe than sorry?) It would be a shame not to play a little bit though. I know denim associated mostly with jeans (black jeans, washed-out jeans, low-rise jeans, sand-blasted jeans, whatever-jeans-that-makes-your-ass-looks-like Miranda Kerr), but there is one item made of denim that I want you to acknowledge: denim-dress.

How cool is that? It’s denim AND it’s a dress.

I always feel like looking into a combination of both edgy, casual street style and a more feminine, stylish look of a fashion people (ah, I’ll use this opportunity to say that we are definitely going to discuss about fashion people next time before fashion week started.) This is a perfect outfit for long-events like fashion weeks because you can modify this bad-ass with layering style. I am thinking plaid shirt (!) twisted on the hip as a belt and cool necklace for day one, maybe just this dress and super sexy heels (ala Bradshaw) for day two, and possibly I am going to wear cool cropped tops like British-punks for day three. And when the war is over and everything is said, typed, done and everyone starting to feel you are wearing only one outfit (eek!!!!) the whole week.

Don’t panic (okay, maybe you can panic a little bit because Anna Dello Russo is starting to stare at you blankly. OMG, she notices it!  Well, no, she doesn’t know you, but -even worse- she is thinking to herself that she has seen this casual denim-dress somewhere a few times…..on the same girl)(WHAAATTT?!!?! Our trick is falling down. Nooooooo…..!!!!!!!)

Just dye the dress in some ombre colors by yourself, add a little bit creativity with paints and markers, and…..voila, the denim dress is gone, replaced by DIY dress that will sound -and look- good in street-style photographers’ ears (well, this dress? Hmm, I made it myself. Haha, it’s not that difficult!! Thank you thank you and eat that Anna Dello Russo!)

See? This is the long life of denim.

Taken from Street Geist