10 Thoughts About Waking Up Early

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-08-15 15:28:26 +00001

1. Shit, what was that sound that keep buzzing around my head!?!?!?!? @@##$%%^^!!!! Ah…peaceee…go back to sleeeppp….

2. Dammit, what was that sound again?!?! Don’t you know that I am asleep?!?! (knocking things off blindly, looking for a cursed ringing thing that turns out to be my….cell phone. Stupid phone.) Ah…peaceeee….wait, what numbers are those…..(trying blindly to reach the damn cell phone again, which quickly leads us into the third step….)

3. Geez, why are this thing so glowyy….AHHH, LATEEEE…LATEEEE…(screaming inside my head, while trying to reach everything and gets nothing except makes all the mineral bottles fall, notebooks scattered, and some late-nite-snacks-touch.)

4. Rush into the bathroom and spend 5 minutes to think about life, Katy Perry’s new single, what I should do today at school, what I should NOT do today at school, what I CAN do and realize we’re all just mortal human beings that will face the Lord one day….

Ah, crap, it’s already 6 minutes. LAAATTTEEEEEEEE….!!!!!)

5. Reminding myself over and over again to use body butter and facial cream (will talk about that later) BEFORE wearing uniform. Ending up spreading body butter AFTER wearing my uniform (blame my after-sleep-stupidity.) Hah, I won’t talk about that yellowish-pinkish stain.

6. Breakfast is not a really elegant concept for me except at Sunday and this is definitely not Sunday. Oh! That looks eat-able!

7. During the last 20 minutes before the school’s gate closed, every public transportation seems to have at least one damn person inside their old, oily steel cage. At this point, knocking my head to the wall seems to be a good idea. Stressseeeddddd. Where the hell all those drivers go?!!?!?!?!?

8. Hard to smile back at people when you feel so messed up and sleepy as hell inside. Easily said, I am not a morning person.

9. Promise myself to go to bed earlier to relieve this sleepy state as soon as I get home. 

10. Knowing that I will easily tempted with Garance Dore’s new post as soon as I get home. Bye bye sleep.

P.S: What about you? Are you a happy morning person or a grumpy morning person (read 10 thoughts above)?