What Doesn’t Change

by gimmegoodstyle

socks jakandjil.com

Fashion weeks! New styles, new designers and basically new everything. Even some people decorate their homes to look like a nice, clean studio to greet indie photographers, videographers, etc etc that want to ‘have a peek’ on what’s a fashion people’s life look like. Not really interesting, I am sure of it. Anyway, since not all of us have a fashion-budget (wait, do you even have a fashion-budget??) like Anna Dello Russo (damn, this woman has LOTS of clothes every day, not just during fashion weeks) or Anna Wintour (no comment), we have to play smart to look pretty, chic, and up to date every single fashion month.

Forget about prints or sportswear or that nice giant bag from whatever designer’s name. You are going to love it, I am sure….just for one season. Come on girls, let’s think about money and fashion. Okay, I am going to tell you one public secret. No, it’s not about Gaga or Beyonce or Carine Roitfeld (I wish I can gossip about them, but I really have nothing.) It’s about sneakers! Yes, this thing is never really out from the street, just like denim, but with more dignity (sneakers don’t make your fat looks like a Krispy Kreme’s giant ads.) If you want to buy something new, nice, fashionable, affordable yet still trending…go buy yourself a #sneaker.

I mean, new sneakers with classic designs. Yeah, you know what I mean. Don’t you realize that sneakers are just made for everyone. Even the ones that don’t like to move like me have at least one sneakers inside my wardrobe.

This thing is even bitchier than denim!

For people that don’t really do sports, there is this crazy colorful sneakers with simple sole (no that thing that makes people jump higher, run faster, move more graceful)(okay, I don’t know what that thing is) and look more casual, less-professional, but still amazingly cool and Isabel Marant-like (nope, let’s stick to our fashion budget and don’t even think to buy one Isabel Marant’s wedges-sneakers.) And it’s really easy to style a sneaker. You can basically wear any clothes that you want from daily casual outfit, pajamas for running to the store before bedtime (or you can do it like Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola. Classic.) You can even style it with a dress for fancy, trendsetter look. Just be brave and choose colorful, bold sneakers because we want to be eye-catching not blending, or you can wear attractive socks to hurt those photographers’ eyes (see picture above.)

I am telling you guys, sneakers never die, just don’t stand near heels-wearers.

They’re quite….depressing.

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