Geek of the Day: Irby Pace

by gimmegoodstyle



What is the first thing that comes into your mind?

I am thinking candies. Yeah, maybe because we get a brand new candy called POP! in Indonesia. All capitals, all sugary, all colorful. But Pop! means a set of photographs by Irby Pace, showing deserted landscape of alleys, abandoned roads, small dock, village areas and other ‘normal’ things we always see from day to day. Just like any other artist however, Irby gives his little artsy touches into the pictures, giving us a surreal and magical experience of deserted landscape WITH strange out-of-place colorful smoke-bomb right in the middle of the pictures. Just like that, Pop!

Flipping through all those images making me like I am falling back right into the world of Oz The Great and Powerful movie, with all those brilliant colors, magic bombs and cheerful, exciting adventures it promises to those who dare to seek (I know, too damn Narnia-like. But who cares? I love Narnia -and Oz.)

This is the first time I feel so energetic and looking for an adventure after seeing a photo series (usually I’ll go back to sleep because all those artsy meanings are just too much for my not-really-artsy brain.) Irby confessed that he is bringing his childhood memories (when he still liked to tattered things apart just to see how they work and built them back to do something different) whenever he makes art and I can definitely understand what he means by childhood. This series makes me feel a lot younger and free. 

Hell, all those grannies should go and see this series and probably, Pop!

They will go back to their young adventurous ages again. 

Taken from My Modern Met