What Makes You A Blogger

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-08-21 10:26:05 +00001

It’s funny how ‘blogger’ description changes from time to time. At first, people thought blogger is a group of geeks that really into technologies, programming and other genius thing. That’s when people first invented the internet and Steve Jobs was still somewhere in his garage building our future (okay, I don’t know when exactly, but pretty much like that.) Then the fashion-magazines popped out everywhere and fashion weeks became even more happening, this made people think: ‘hey, I also can dress and look chic! How am I gonna tell the rest of the world this important fact?!’ Answer: blog.

Fashion-bloggers suddenly marched down the street starting from Scott Schuman and his amazing Sartorialist, Garance with her prints, Susie Bubble seeked more adventure with her Style Bubble and the most eye popping and commercial (in both good and bad ways) Bryan Boy. These people solemnly changed the ‘blogger’ term into a fashion-blogger, people who have killer style and talents and loud loud voices. The fashion-bloggers phenomenon was so dramatic, it drove the rest of the world crazy. Blog is suddenly become an international pandemic, even though much calmer than Twitter Take Over, etc etc. The result is the second generation blogger. A much more tech-advanced, more classy, more snobby, and learned everything from their seniors.

Technology, including so-called DSLR camera, iPhone (Steve Jobs finished building our future at this point), and Twitter, take parts in this generation and it really changes the game. People don’t really need killer style and writing skill to start a blog, everyone can be a blogger now (nope, more like: everyone IS a blogger now), they just need big cameras, twitter account, Pinterest and, ah, some dictionaries.

The term of blogger becomes easily used and abused until it leaves nothing but a snobby remark on our tongues. It’s actually not a problem, if those people really want to blog. The common story line is: make a blog, make the first ‘hello’ entry, stop blogging for a week, blog again with ‘sorry’ post, stop blogging….. blog again after a month with  more ‘sorry’ posts and then suddenly the blog is nothing but a cyber junk. In some cases, years later the ‘blogger’ suddenly comes up and writes ‘I don’t believe how fast time flies!’ Yeah, we know it.

It’s honestly upsetting to see people call themselves ‘bloggers’ when they really have nothing at their own blogs. Come on guys, bloggers are the ones who both have AND write on their blogs. It’s even more upsetting to read the hidden intentions behind all those ‘blogs.’ ‘I want to be as famous as Susie or Shini or Garance and I want to work in fashion/art/journalism world, where the payment goes well, easy and designers’ freebies are so….common they filled my third wardrobe.’ Yeah, right. Let me tell you somethings:

First, bloggers get famous because their talents, not their blogs and followers. Maybe those two take a significant parts, but talent goes first. It attracts other people to read more about what they’re wearing or drawing or doing because they’re truly good at it. It’s their passions and we can connect with them through their blogs. Blog is not the source, but more like the bridge. 

Second, it’s really hard to get noticed in the world of internet. Your traffic seems to be doing good, but there are always other people with even higher traffic and vice versa. It is very very rare for Vogue editor to just stumble into your blog and love the contents. Seriously.

Third, it’s very hard to keep on blogging. Argh, the time, the energy, the amount of megabytes and how many times my heart pounds before posting a post because I am afraid I am telling the wrong source, tips and opinions. Those are sucks…Why am I keep blogging? Passion and the joy of writing (too cheesy? Probably.)

I think a good blog is not the one with ‘.com’ or pretty pictures or millions of followers. It’s the one where the blogger want and need to connect with the blog itself. It’s not a social media, it’s the way of expressing their voices and opinions. It’s silly to call yourself a ‘writer’ or ‘photographer’, if you do those things once in a blue moon -and privately in your no-man’s-land. Keep writing, dare to publish it, dare to do more, and dare to get embarrassed by the public because you are wrong sometimes (no one is perfect. Always keep that in mind.) That’s how real bloggers roll. And I believe, if you do those things patiently and continuously, while keep building your skills and portfolios…. those free handbags will come…with ‘love your blog’ letters from designers and editors.

This industry is probably not that big, if you keep on exploring it!

P.S: And I, myself, don’t even dare to call myself a blogger or a writer. I usually tell people that I just really like writing.

P.P.S: This post is my faint hope to stop one-post-then-gone bloggers. Yeah, a bit judgemental, I know.