The Boy Girl Thing

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-08-22 09:52:32 +00001

It’s wonderful how Karma strikes, one day you are in the top of the world, the next day you are just shitty people who lost his/her jobs. Amazing… Anyway, I just wrote a mean article for those one-post-gone bloggers and I won’t say sorry. Well, what can I say? That’s the truth. But I would give those bloggers a cursing stock (in case they don’t know a lot about this jerk-that-writes-like-he-knows-all-the-thing-in-the-world) because I just got my most embarrassing experience as a blogger and I think it was my Karma.

I was in the history class few hours ago, after the PE (aka Physical Education class aka Mini Hell For Me aka the only lesson where I always get a shout, curse, and strange stares due to my inability to move properly in the field, outside the field, during the match and after the match) and it was really normal, boring and almost drove me to sleep until I got a notification from my Twitter. This is the right moment to slip into the back of the class and secretly open your phone under the table (you’re welcome to judge me.)

It was from Irby Pace, the Geek of the Day (aka Gimme Good Style’s version of Artist of the Week) for this week and I was surprised. Hmm, did I write really great until he sent one of westerner’s infamous ‘thank you’ tweets? Well….he did say thank you, but he DID also say that I was mistaken him for a woman!

2013-08-22 10:42:53 +00001WHATTTTT THEEEE HEEELLLLLLLLLL?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? Is this really happening?!

Shakingly, I opened my browser and there it was…’her amazing pieces.’


There were two choices: First, I can do that ‘really sorry tweet’ which will make me feel not really better, but at least save the last drop of my dignity (read: none.) Or…I can do the absolute lie thing (what?! who are you?! I have no such blog called Gimme Good Style! Non, monsieur! ) I panicked and chose the first way out.


Thanks God, Irby is a really nice guy with huge sense of humor and told me it was okay and he had such a good laugh reading the article WITH HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY. At this point, I was ready to sink myself to school’s toilet (it’s extremely gross) and never appear again. Imagining Irby in his nice apartment (well, everyone lives in the apartment in western cities… or I think so…) with his friends telling them again and again about this silly, stupid blogger that mistook him as a girl (please God, make him hit the pole and forget everything about me…Please?!)

2013-08-22 10:43:38 +00001I have a weak explanation though; I was tired that day after busy classes and had to call a few jerk people (not you Irby) for this school project that I will tell you soon and I forced myself to get up from my nap to do some posts and bam! Irby was there with his marvelous work….and the rest is history-of-my-public-embarrassment.

Please…kill me now.

I know I should read the description first BEFORE copying the contents and I should do my own research…Okay guys, lesson learned. I couldn’t help but imagining all those legendary fashion writers from Suzy Menkes to Garance Dore shaking their heads and giving me that you-really-are-a-mess nod in the jury boxes. And it’s amazing how many emotions you can get in a minute (shocked, embarrassed, upset, embarrassed, hate myself, hate WordPress, hate Auto Correct, embarrassed again.)

At the end of the class, I opened my Twitter again (half-hoping for the final blow to hit)(something with ‘asshole’ or ‘moron’) and found out that he is following me! Wow, if I was Irby I could kill the writer or sue the writer (or both.) He is such a nice guy! I haven’t follow him back though because I am still in my aftershock room, but I will.

It’s nice to see that such a mistake can lead into a new found respect (me to Irby) and friendship (well, this is a bit uncertain, but, whatever, this is a cheesy post after all), a single, small, shaking sign that I should continue learning and train my writing to the ‘near-perfect’ level (and a sign for me to KEEP THE RESEARCH MODE ON, DUMB ASS!) At the end of the day, I can see Garance and Suzy look at each other and give their smirk, small, you-need-to-learn-more, understanding smiles in their jury boxes, while I walk away with one new lesson (and follower!) in my head.

Oh, and what did I say about karma?

Ah, and see more Irby’s wonderful work in his official website!

P.S: Truly sorry for Irby and other people that I am mistaken for something they are not, but just not really interested in telling me the real embarrassing fact. Sorry sorry sorrryyyy…!!!!