STYLE Loves: Alma & Kayture

by gimmegoodstyle yellow

It’s yellow, it’s luxurious, it’s beautiful, it has classic logo of this French brand that you all must already know and it’s called Alma by Louis Vuitton. You know, I have this theory that a bag can be much more beautiful, if it’s handled by the right person. That handler doesn’t always has to be beautiful, they just need the right charisma, the right… feeling. I don’t know how to say it, but you just know.

The signs are usually like these: the woman looks confidence and strutting their bags not really high, but high enough for people to see it, and they look just fine. Not too cocky, but just the right amount of confidence. And somehow their hands are just right for the bags, until it makes me feel a bit envy (how come my backpack or shoulder bags look like shit on my back??) One more thing: the color of the bag is just the right color for their skin tones!

Amazing amazing!

Sadly, there are only a bunch of people who have this perfect-bag-friend. Anyway, I just found one more person for this category… Kayture’s blogger called Kristina Bazan! Don’t believe me? Just look at this beautiful picture above…and you will believe me…like usual.

Taken from Kayture