When The Class Begins….

by gimmegoodstyle

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When my friend asked me why I bought the super heavy fashion magazine in the first place (with more advertisements and useless glossy photos than normal, readable articles)(ah, and they were talking about Vogue. WHAAAAA….?!) rather than saving those pennies for more formal lesson in university, my answer was pretty simple: the magazine taught my instinct better than any formal academies can do.

Of course, formal academies can teach me a lot of things, from sewing tons of fabric into one Alexander McQueen-looked-alike Couture gown or how to make a good presentation at fashion weeks or even make me meet important fashion people like Parsons does for their good fresh graduates, but then there is this one crucial thing they can’t teach. Not even in Parsons.

It’s the eyes for fashion. 

You can know how to sew, you can learn how to sketch and you can also meet thousands of people, but the eyes that can lead you to your true success. Grace Coddington is famed for her artistic, almost poetic editorials, and she doesn’t learn how to combine Jimmy Choo heels and Stella McCartney dress from school. For God sake, she even started her fashion editor career after she stopped modeling! Yes, different people need different medias to train their fashion instincts.

broadway, new york thesartorialist.comSome people choose to go ahead and try many many clothes and styles to feel the sensations and what comfort each style provides (this is what I call a personal fashion people OR chameleon-like girls/boys and they are just awesome!) Some choose to linger on the street like pointless person (no expression, blank stares, like possessed horror actors/actresses (wait, maybe those horror documentary guys mistaken an inspiration-looking-people for old, false, folklore horror legends? Now, I just give you the exact reason for ‘based on true story’, go tell this piece of truth to Hollywood)), no specific destination, but actually looking for inspirations from the buildings and whatever they like on the street.

jennifer lawrence for vogue us september issue redcarpet-fashionawards.comMine is simple. It only requires a cup of cold drinks, air conditioned room, laptops and a magazine. A Vogue Magazine (yeah, and maybe Harper’s Bazaar, when run out of budgets.) I love flipping down all those beautiful pages and articles, learning everything from how the model pose, the expression, guessing what they are wearing and how the stylists work (and cursing down their ideas because I CAN ALSO DO THAT, IF I HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO THINK!!!)(pathetic fashion-designer-stylist-journalist-wannabe’s scream.)

I once saw this Chanel advertisements and thought to myself, maybe this coat (white with black outline and gold buttons in Joan Smalls perfect body) can be a little shorter with more buttons and layered with something blah blah blah blah and the next thing I know is I am writing down a whole new combination, sketching a new look and googling for perfect locations for my imaginary photo shoots (a bit obsessive, but, hey! Everyone can dream a little for the sake of future, right?)

When I told my fashion-conscious friend about this strange phenomenon, she said she does the same thing whenever she was browsing on Instagram, it helped her to create this feeling when she can enter other people’s point of views and poof! Know what the right thing to draw and illustrate the perfect outfits for her imaginary clients (and she sketch wayyy better than me!)

I think it’s rather silly to think you can learn everything about fashion in class or just go ahead and work for some fancy designers, even though these steps -I will say it again- very crucial to help us live the life of fashion. You need that passion to explore more. To learn from anything the world provides. Just remember, fashion class doesn’t begin when you are seventeen or twenty something. When you know and love fashion for the first time, I think it’s when your class begins (in that case, mine begin when I was fifteen years old in my old junior high room class with a bunch of friends and their local, fashion magazine. Ah, and Sasha Pivovarova’s old photo shoot,) It is now up to you to either attend it everyday like a geek (euh!)(okay, that’s me) or just skip the class and look for a better major.

P.S: And yeah this is one of my many cheesy posts. Hehe, I think it’s because Fashion Weeks are almost here. Yeay yeay yeay!!!!

Taken from The Sartorialist (street style) and RCFA (Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue September Issue)