Fall Laziness & A Jumpsuit

by gimmegoodstyle

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Ah, fall! The laziest month of the year (let’s forget fashion weeks and live streaming, we are going back to beds people), when I personally think fall is the perfect month to dress up in both winter and summer outfit without having people look weirdly at you (it’s like second spring), most people choose to go back to bed early and wake up late (even though I always go to bed early and wake up really late.) I guess that’s the early signs of winter season… or diabetes.

Anyway, in this heavy midst of laziness, dressing up seems like more like a burden than an enjoyment, people become more reckless than usual and casual suddenly become overdressed. Aw, come on guys! Lazy doesn’t mean you have to forget every fancy item and start dressing up like Helena Bonham Carter (not coollll…!!!)(especially when she had that Bellatrix Lestrange’s crazy accent. Geez, scarier than The Conjuring, which is the scariest plot I’ve ever read this year)(ah, yes, I couldn’t stand the movie and choose to just read the plot. Not helping.)

There are a lot of fashionable items you can wear during fall and you just have to get up, slip your hands, feet, and head and then you zip some simple zippers and you are ready to go. Fine, maybe you also have to comb your hair a bit. After-sleep madness, I know I know. Okay then, I will give you one item and you must already know what I am talking about, it’s jumpsuit! Yes, there is nothing simpler than a jumpsuit. I don’t even have to give you more tips to wear a jumpsuit except: mind your height and mind the jumpsuit length.

The idea of wearing one item and look exactly like you are wearing two is just thrilling and a bit makes me wonder ‘who invented this amazing piece of fashion?’ Not important though. Well, I do admit that sometimes jumpsuit-ers look more like trendy technician than street stylers, but what can I say? Every style has it’s own weakness, man… just accept it and love it more. Fall laziness? Fight it with a jumpsuit!

(One more thing: never wear heavy-printed jumpsuits, if you never wear this thing before. Choose plain black, short jumpsuit and work your way up from there.)

Taken from Vanessa Jackman