Office Mode On

by gimmegoodstyle

acne blazer h&m trend top

Argh, Monday! Even those who work in their cozy bedrooms (eh, entrepreneur thing?) know what it likes to wake up in the middle of your good sleep (and always -always- in the most exciting part of your dreams), collect enough soul to make coffee and try really hard to go to the bathroom for morning-shower. Then there comes the most horrible part of Monday Morning (even scarier than realizing how many paperworks you FORGOT to take home with you last Friday. T.G.I.F? Not the best reminder), dressing up.

It’s getting chilly on the streets and people start recognizing coats again, lighter and look more like a sarong, but nevertheless it’s a coat. When it comes to office-style though, I don’t really like doing coats on people (by people, I mean my good virtual mannequins on Polyvore.) It’s a little bit ‘too heavy’ and more like Sherlock Holmes (bad thing to do) than Audrey Hepburn. Time to show off your blazer collection. Blazer is like the Holy Grail of office-style, this item has been on the top of every-single-working-women lists since feminism took hold of the community and office starts to bane ‘casual Friday.’


That’s why blazer has so many choices, from gloomy-accountant-like grey to fashionable-Harper’s Bazaar-reporter-like red. You just have to reach your credit card and find the right one for you. Well, because we are all amateurs (let’s pretend we are all youngsters on our first day at work)(aaahh, what are we going to do?), I suggest we start from grayish blazer. No, not stiff blazer like accountants in black and white old movie used to wear, but something more flexible and compliment your body without attracting too much ‘unnecessary’ attention from, basically, everyone. Specially, your (unfashionable) boss (euh, no no no!)


My choice falls for this Acne grey blazer which is just a perfect balance between ‘fashionable’ and ‘appropriate.’ And maybe you can go wild a little bit and wear a sexy black cropped tops (from H&M!) Well, of course you have to realize where you are working at and what your job is.

Answering telephone at receptionist table at some law firms? Not good. new apprentice (ala Kurt Hummel)? Go wear one because no one will look at you strangely (fashion, man…. it’s fashion!) Or trying to persuade your handsome coworkers for a date-night (T.G.I.F is a good reminder after all)? Do it… sexier, just don’t do it infront of your (again)(duh, unfashionable!) fifty-something boss.

Well, good luck on your jobs (and your new blazer!)

Image taken from Style Scrapbook and Google Image (the second one)