The Nearest Perfection

by gimmegoodstyle

just simple

Fashion is filled with different adjectives words (okay, and different Italian names, Mario-who?!) from different people with different visions and creativities. It’s really hard to get the ‘real’ awesomeness or beauty because each of collection has it’s own integrity. That’s why sometimes magazine has to hold a vote for best-dressed-list because in this technology era, where ones can access internet freely and see what everyone else see, editors’ opinions are just not enough. We are talking about quantity, not quality anymore.

But I am sure there is a look that’s so great people will instantly go poof! and have the same opinion no matter how different their visions are (and we are not talking about Lady Gaga. Enough peeps, enough!!!) With this believe I began exploring Jak and Jil and other famous street style blogs, and found this picture. A woman, a simple bold blue dress with classic cuttings, a small bag, a sunglasses, and…a perfection.

Let’s talk about how she carries the dress first. I love the way the dress flaps around her, giving the easiness and freedom to move, while at the same time she can still showing up her perfect body figure. Dark complexion of her skin even looks more beautiful with high contrast color of the dress, giving the whole look an extra delight. She managed to turn her skin into the most perfect accessory for her look.

And I won’t forget the sunglasses and mini bag, they scream MODERN WOMAN ALERT!!! and that little heels she has? Simple, chic, modern and this is how a modern woman should dress. Plus, the runway invitation on her hands (considering the paper is indeed an invitation to Chanel Haute Couture show) is a big big sign that she is an important person on the go (you can also tell the difference between passer-by and fashion-elites by the amount of street photographers around them)(less than ten? Not an elite. More than 15? Well, probably a blogger or someone-someone-from-Marie Claire, hoam… More than 30? Go go go, get your camera!!!! It’s Katy Perry/ Lady Gaga/ Anna Dello Russo/ Anna Wintour!!!!!)(Heh, easy, right?)

I love this look, this is probably my favorite ever! But I will deny it of course because the expedition to find the ‘real’ perfect style isn’t over yet. Anyway, tell me what you think about this look! Oh, wait, you don’t need to do that because I know what you’ll say: perfection, just perfection.

Taken from StreetFSN