Let’s Play Inside The House!

by gimmegoodstyle

the rainbow house by ab rogers design

Having the idea of owning our own slides inside our homes is like having the idea of owning an elephant. It’s not really impossible (Harrods once bought an elephant for a guy in less than 24 hours. I really think the guy is either crazy or super rich… or both), but it’s somehow seems extremely abstract and out of the world. Hell, even out of the space. Slides are usually identical with kids, playground, huge empty grassland and not what you really want inside the house. But let’s stop for awhile and think outside the box. Slide is not only used for child’s play (ugh, child’s play… I sound like Chucky now), it is also possible to be used as an easy transport device from one level to another.

Remember that childhood movie when the main actor (possibly Peter Pan) just slides from the highest level of some random tree houses straight to the bottom? The concept is similar with no use of songs and random, awkward dancing between each level (seriously, I can’t believe I used to DANCE TOGETHER awkwardly like that too. No no no…)(That’s one of Disney’s powers actually.)

Anyway, with this concept, there are already several famous houses and buildings that have real slides inside their buildings, either as a really cute-and-easy transport device from one floor to another (check out Red Bull HQ office in London, UK by Jump-Studios) or just as a mini (okay, gigantic) toy for the kids (Rainbow House by Ab Rogers Design (featured image above.)) Imagine when rain comes and there is nothing to do in the house except… oh, we can play with our private gigantic slides!

I envy those lucky bastards… A LOT.

Well, like usual, I praise the creativity, popping craziness and somehow childish (but cool) ideas of those architects and home decorators. I don’t know why, but this bizarre idea just never came up from my head! So do you, right? Huh, this reminds me of how competitive and creative the world out there is (or how uncreative I am….)(okay, that’s a depressing thought.) Oh, forget it! Let’s drop our paperworks and go play the slide… inside the house this time!!

Images taken from Architizer (click the image to see who built and what is the name of the amazing house/buildings.)