Best (Incoming) Fall Trend

by gimmegoodstyle

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FALL! Yes! Goodbye summer dusts, wild pointless parties (or romance?), and bikinis! We are heading for fall again in just a few days and I can’t wait to talk about it. Yeah, even though I still have these tons of images about summer, spring, street style, trends from whatever season we used to talk about.

Blah, who cares?!

Fall is here, fashion weeks are here, new trends are here!!

And speaking about trends, there this intelligent slideshow about incoming best fall trends (I don’t know how they predict or score these clothes, but I have to agree with them) by Vanity Fair (see?!) Okay, I did copy most of the pictures because I am too lazy to flip through old fashion shows to know which is the worst and the best and I think it’s good to have some professional opinions in this blog.

Ah, what am I talking about?

Honestly, I don’t know how to shorten all those trends into one (short!) article and choose which one will be the trendiest and all those shits. There, I say it. Buuuttttt…. I do choose for my own favorite based on that Vanity Fair slide show, so you can call this as um… Gimme Good Style-Vanity Fair-Best-Fall-Trend-List. Is that weird? Is that cool? Okay, enough… here is the list starting from…

The Clothes

Marc Jacobs? Never fail in making my mouth wide open with awe and thinking how can this designer handles both Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs (with it’s secondary line) while keeping his designs energetic, a bit street-style inspired and extremely hip (ala New York)?! This time the quirky boy came back with a bit fur-tastic and short (very short) dresses and metallic tops. Oh, and who can miss that grunge hair-do?

A bit different with fur-tastic’s Jacobs, Victoria Beckham choose a sleek black theme up-to-toe and I think this is a perfect look for those career woman who has a lot of kids, husband to take care of, giant townhouse and a bunch of office works to do (sounds familiar?), but still care about her look and always trying to find an easy, stylish, sophisticated clothes. Well, she can definitely find it in Victoria Beckham stores.

If Victoria’s theme is black, Celine came with totally different approach. White. White is here, white is there, white is everywhere and it came with minimalistic fall show and playful shoulders dress. I love the mix of sensitivity, purity, and a bit plain look of the clothes and it kinda gives me this ‘virgin’ thing, you know. Like the clothes are trying to say: I am pure and I can make you look like an angel! And who doesn’t want to be an angel for Fall?

Let’s play peek-a-boo with Roland Mouret. The look is all black except one point where the black is suddenly gone and replaced with white. Yeah, talking about high contrast and tiny detail. The look completed nicely with symmetric geometry patterns and simple design, Roland can have some new customers lining up inside the stores trying to touch everything and anything this season. No doubt.

If summer has bikini as the main look, then Fall has coat. Tiny coat, big coats, super big coats, you name it. But I rather choose this Proenza Schouler white-cropped-coat as my new fall wish list because I just love the feeling of classicality and versatility it gives with any clothes. White is always the new black… of course, as long as you can keep the dirt away (I can’t, but that’s why God invented laundromat, right?)

Hermes is all about layering one item onto another and it still maintains the luxury of each item without turning the model into a luxury-madame with big ass. No no. Layering will contribute a lot this fall and you might want to learn a thing or two from Hermes. Before everything is said and done….

The Accessories

Manolo Blahnik crystal-studded stilettos? If I ever said I hate it, no matter what season I am in or what fashion show I am sitting in (considering the chance of getting into one of those shows), you can instantly kill me and delete my blog. Seriously, this shoe is to-die-for and I wonder what Carrie Bradshaw will say about this piece of beauty?

Roger Vivier comma heel reminds me of Vogue’s editorial about thinking and dressing up futuristically and all those stuffs. Maybe we can think about future too by start wearing unconventional heels. Ah, and Catching Fire Movie will land in no time! Comma heels are one of the best items to feel the ‘Effie Trinket moment.’

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane bag is a piece of luxury, simplicity and chicness with no comments or critics. Man, this bag can go with almost everything. Everything!!

Balenciaga white calfskin T-strap heels is pretty much representing the house last fashion show with marble as inspiration. Marble is a very expensive materials used by extremely rich people. Feel the luxury of becoming one of those riches by wearing this amazing marble-printed heel… You are an expensive woman/man too, you know.

A few season ago, before white is even a trend, polka dot was in and I remember even Anna Wintour wore a polka dot dress (means the trend was huge. Very very huge.) It makes me wonder now, maybe we can live the old spirit with Proenza Schouler printed bag… can we?

Reed Krakoff is quite a rare name in fashion, but it is sure one of those brands you have to watch out for before falling in love too deep with their products and scream painfully after looking at the price tags (I already told you to watch out!) My latest see-love-scream crush is their Anarchy bag. I am sold because of the classic design of the bag, the color and the ‘life-friendly size.’ It feels like you can put anything in this bag from your phone to kids’ clothes (aka mother stuffs.)

Reed Krakoff Venetian sling back heel also steals the show with it’s furry decoration on the front of the heels. You know what? After buying Marc Jacobs’s fur-tastic dress, you might want to have these ‘furry-decorated’ heels. Fur is never enough (yeah, you can kill me later PETA.)

Images are taken from Vanity Fair