STYLE Loves: Other Stories Bag

by gimmegoodstyle

other stories bag

Truth to be told, I am not a big fan of small bag. I mean, that shoulder bag that has the size of a small bag. Oh please, how annoying is that? Yes, it has the versatility and easiness of shoulder bag and cuteness of a small bag, but I just can’t help but thinking it is such a waste of a shoulder to wear that kind of bag. Oh, well, at the end of the day my thought always changes by itself.

Same case this time.

So, I was googling for new blog’s material blah blah blah (right… I was googling while watching FRIENDS (funny funny sitcom!!!)(guilty pleasure!!!)(love Rachel, love Monica, love Joey, love Pheebsss…!!!), resulting in downloading random things that I don’t know what the hell they are!)(are you interested in talking about the lifecycle of panda AND sharks? Like we are turning from chic fashion blog into second-less-objective NatGeo. Ugh…) and between all random images (eh, and scenes from FRIENDS) I found out about this Other Stories small-shoulder-bag.

And suddenly the stigma and sarcastic thought just flew away from my head to dumpsters-for-negative-thoughts-and-fashion-stigmas. I quickly sold by the ethnicity of the bag, the unconventional cylindric shape and it kinda reminds me of old Mongolian artifacts I once saw in China’s National Heritage something Museum (snob snob).

Affordable fashion, culture, and new point of view? I am totally in.

P.S: By the way, talking about cultures and chicness, there is this cool project me and my classmates are working for. Of course, it will be held in Indonesia (Jakarta to be precise), but I just want you guys to know and probably share it, if you want (no, you have to!!)(okay, kidding. No pressure.)

And for those of you who happen to live near Jakarta, this is the right time to GRAB YOUR MASKS BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO PARTYYYYYYYY….!!!!!! 

I will tell you more about this exciting project soon!

Image taken from Alice Point