MTV VMA 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

vma music awards 2013

Don’t make me talk about VMA. Please, don’t. At first, I was ready to forget one of the biggest award shows of the year because VMA tends to be wilder than I can handle. The musics are louder, the performers are crazier, the drama are more outrageous (hi, Kanye and Taylor….) I don’t need to tell about VMA because you guys must’ve your own opinions, from good to bad ones. Well, eventually I lost to this sheer force of blogger’s ‘must blog’ list and… here we are, listening to what I think about MTV VMA 2013, which is only a few nights ago.

First, let’s talk about the dress. 


Lady Gaga made her fans wondering what kind of bizarre clothes she was going to wear and even tweeted that she would made us turn upside down with shock and will remember her dress. Yeah, we did… in different context. The Queen showed up surprisingly normal with black cocktail gown, which is red-carpet-appropriate, and less crazy makeups than usual. Her platinum blonde hair was a bit curly, but nothing really happened. It was a normal red carpet moment for a super star.

Phew, so the showstopper was finally going to settle down for a black, wrappy, leathery Prabal Gurung gown? Yes, in red carpet. No, no, no, on the stage… (but we will talk about it later.)

Okay, probably the best Lady Gaga’s appearance for me.


And speaking about the best, there will be the worst. And it seems Miley Cyrus failed to impress anyone in VMA 2013. I am not surprised because her outfit was, well, a bit underdressed. And strange. The whole combination just didn’t work on her body, hell, on everyone’s body. I don’t think even Karlie Kloss can pull off such an ugly outfit.

Even if it’s Dolce and Gabbana. Seriously, it’s Dolce and Gabbana. But forget about the clothes for awhile and hella look at her hair. Baby buns???? Just go short, rough hair cut like usual Miley.


And there is always one celebrity who dressed quite good, but he/she can be better. Do you ever feel that moment? Well, I do all the time. And the not-really-quite-on-the-top-in-best-dressed-list celebrities this year are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Katy’s leopard dress with something hairy (is that embellishment?) wasn’t really speak well in front of the camera, maybe more fierce makeups. And Taylor!! Sexy, curly, and… yeah, that’s it. I really prefer her mature, simple look than a ‘normal’ sexy look.

But I believe she can do better in the future. I also believe in you Katy!

Second, the performances. 

What happened to Miley’s performance? I like We Can’t Stop, it’s a bit slow, strong, and perfect soundtrack for simple party. But why did she sing with teddy bear bustier with a bunch of giant teddies (then the teddies turned back and voila! They’re persons, everyone!) Just forget the teddies, the bustier, and everything. She did quite good actually, no lip-sync or miss-the-note-disaster or miss-the-lyrics. Well, the real problem started when she decided to tatter her clothes off and sang with only peach/creme underwear WITH Robin Thicke. WITH a bit too slutty butty-touchy dance. Everything turned from ‘bad’ to…


That’s my first reaction. But after seeing Lady Gaga, my reaction turned into:

‘Oh my god, is Miley trying to be a bad girl (again)? Please Miley, don’t be the second Gaga-with-less-clothes. Be yourself, honey!’ 

You can choose which one is the best.

Ah, Katy Perry’s performance was a bit lack of surprise. But, to be fair, it is truly hard to keep a surprise when your stage is under the Brooklyn Bridge and MTV had uploaded sneak peek of your stage. Damn it. And Bruno Mars’s? Emotional, but quite good. N’SYNC reunion? Awesomee…!!! Love JT!

How about Gaga?

The Queen started with opera-like prologue before performing her hit single ‘Applause’, then changed her costume into black bustier and then changed again, wearing blue jacket and blonde wig then changed into Venus-clamp-like bikinis and just stayed exactly like that till the end of the performance. And VMA.

If I sat next to Gaga, I would have a lot of awkward moments (hi Gaga, nice perform- uh, sorry for accidentally touched one of your clamps)(Um, I think your patch-of-flower-covering-your-private moved a little)(Do you wanna dan- OMIGOD, I touched your clamps again. Damn it, Gaga! Wear some clothes!!!)

But she is who she is (and she really liked to tear off her clothes, so..okay then.)

(But TOTALLY NOT OKAY to do the same Miley, you are just better than bikinis and almost-naked performance WITH Robin Thicke. AND butty-touchy-dancing.)

Finally, the drama o rama o rama o rama.

Did Taylor Swift say ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP’ when 1D boys are speaking? Was she refer to one specific boy?

Did Lady Gaga want to leave the show early because the audience just ‘boo-ed’ 1D, when they received their MoonMan?

Ah, and Miley tweeted that she ‘left early’ because she was sure she couldn’t beat 1D. She was right. But, hey, VMA is all about fuunnn… come on, Miley. Don’t leave ’till the morning light’ and dance with ‘sweaty bodies everywhere!’

2013-08-29 13:51:07 +00001

And why, for heaven’s sake, the audience ‘boo-ed’ 1D? They did quite good on stage and they didn’t look inappropriate, so what happened? Come on guys, that ‘boo’ isn’t what makes you beautiful.

DONE! Those are all I can think of and please notice that this is a subjective opinion, if you agree or disagree, that’s totally cool. Be polite and comment below. No ‘beautiful words’ please (really have no energy left to reply on those ‘@!@@#$, Miley/Gaga/Mars/Timberlake/Swift is the bessstttt @#$$%%’ Yeah, yeah, yeah…)(That’s also one of the reasons why I don’t really like talking about these kind of events.)

Images taken from Billboard