A Haunting Style

by gimmegoodstyle

haunting red head thesartorialist.com

I usually don’t talk about a photo or style right after I downloaded it. I need time to think and learn more about the ‘half-raw’ materials before serving the right recipe to you. Okay, maybe I forget where all those photos actually ended. I am sure it is somewhere in my hard drive, but this time I can only ask God for help and hopefully you will find my favorite summer trends… next year. That what makes me a unique blogger. Cool, huh?

Anyway, this habit didn’t interfere when I downloaded this haunting picture of a red haired girl in New York City, which is why this photo end up here, not in my personal cyber-junk. It is supposed to be a street-style shot, but somehow it reminds me of dark fantasy movie.

The one that is filled with young innocent girls that starts doing crimes and necromancy (with the fact that she has a magical red-hair) in order to live in dull slums area (government is a bunch of fraud like usual) and, finally, at one point she meets the man of her dream (cliche? No, nothing too cliche in Hollywood) and together they create a whole new life. But will they be able to escape from the dark past?

Maybe I will re-read all fantasy novel that I have this weekend. You know, just for fun. And, no, it won’t affect my brain.

Did I mention that this girl also half-goddess?

Hehehe…watch out Stephenie Meyer, I will definitely kick your ass someday!

Image taken from The Sartorialist