Do I Have To Go Again?

by gimmegoodstyle

Let me ask you this question before we start this post: do you know what is the meaning of retreat? If you do, well, that ease my job A LOT. But if you don’t, let me explain it to you guys. Retreat means, uh, retreat. Both mentally and physically. Out from the noisy city life to deep village somewhere in Java to find the real you and God. More like the less-glamorous, dramatic version of Eat Pray Love. Geez, we don’t even get the ‘Love’ part.

To be real honest, like usual, I am not a big fan of retreat.

Finding God sounds really religious and good thing to do, but retreat is not how I do it. I tend to make mistakes, experience it, fall deep down my misery before realizing how God works. Praying and fasting? Uh-huh, not my things. Just like every single thing that I don’t like though, I have to do it.

Yes, the so-called retreat is a must to all senior students (maybe because we are really unstable, tend to emotionally explode, bully each others, and really like stab-in-the-back games?) and we have to pack our things and get our asses to some ‘retreat houses.’ Call it a bad luck.. or call it God’s way to remind me how sinful I am. Due to this annoying (yet important) travel agenda, I am afraid we can’t talk together for a few days and I fucking really hate it. Someone please tell those lucky supervisors (OUR supervisors) that internet is not an evil thing to have (imagine all those super-holy-people lining up with holy water to exterminate my Mac)(and me screaming in the back like one of the scenes from The Exorcist.)

Except for some porn maniacs and social butterflies (real evils, they are.)

Bloggers and internet? Perfect couple!

P.S: Even though we will be away for days, don’t run away to other bloggers because I just convinced someone to do a really exciting project for my blog! In the name of new Fashion Weeks and Gimme Good Style, I swear it is going to be a lot of fun!