A Vibrant Apartment

by gimmegoodstyle

budapest design apartment freshome.com

We’ve talked about Stockholm (many many many many many times), we’ve gone far far away to Malaysia (not too far for me though! Ha!) and we’ve definitely gone to New York several times (are you crazy, not to talk about New York?!) But we have never EVER came across Budapest for a little while. I don’t know why actually. Maybe it’s just me or it’s the internet (nope, it’s me!), but, for me, Budapest never really had any interesting apartment or building to talk about… until recently. To make things clearer, let’s head to Csorba Anita’s latest project. A home for a young couple. Duh, I miss the word ‘couple’!

Csorba is an interior designer who lives in Budapest and she just succeed making a mere 100 square meters area into a wonderful, vibrant, colorful apartment which I instantly love. One thing I really like about her work is the custom made TV wall, which makes the whole apartment looks chic yet still unique. Plus, you can always give a touch of pride when people ask you where do you get that ‘amazing’ TV wall (CUSTOM MADE, DAH-LING!)

It’s refreshing to see some real colors being used in apartment, lately everything seems to be too Sweden-style. A lot of white and touches of bold colors. Pleaseeee…. time to get up and just fall right into whirlpools of colors (and ended up like one of Csorba Anita’s projects, if you are lucky. Or have a good interior designer).

Taken from Fresh Home