Fruity Thing

by gimmegoodstyle

fruit bag

I am back! After praying hardly, eating slowly, staying up late, and trying my best not to fall asleep during some boring speeches (something about Born This Way and other Gaga-like-speeches)(and why it is always more interesting to hear all those motivational words (you are beautiful! You are different! You are who you are!) from Lady Gaga or Elton John? Those guys should make their own retreat houses!) I am officially back to the modern world. Ah, we always complain about noisy cities and overcrowded buses, but you know what? Those are things we will always miss when we get old and everything seems to be either slowing down or unreachable.


I actually wanted to stay cool and collected, a little bit zen, to make you realize how important God is and what good can come from a simple meditation around 4.30 in the morning (a pretty Panda Eyes). But hell I can’t! Maybe this is what they call the bad effects of internet (or maybe this is what a corrupted teen looks like), but the only thing I care about during the ‘retreat’ and ‘communicate with yourself’ sessions is: how am I going to get online…? Or something that sounds like: How can my friends stay calm and peaceful, when the only thing I can hear is dinnerdinnerdinnertimeeee……?!!?!

Ugh, this is more like draining my inner calmness than refilling it with peace.

Zen-mode? Failed. Totally failed.

I told you before, right?

Okay, truth to be told, maybe the sessions weren’t that boring at all because I managed to hear some of my friends laughing awkwardly in the background, when the speaker (who the hell is he?!) told some jokes OR maybe it was a funny, inspiring session, if I hadn’t sleep or drifting away right after the speaker told us to sit down (sit down is just one step away from a good nap, right?)

I try not to be grumpy though because I did laugh my ass off with my friends, especially the moment after we saw what’s in the closet inside our toilet. It was… more than disgusting. Imagine flushing down a really thick, smelly, creamy mushroom soup and you’ll get it. Okay, not the most polite jokes, I know…..but if you can take Spring Breakers, then you could definitely take my kind of joke.

And did I mention about sitting in the bus for SIX hours, waiting for the noisy touristy traffics to pass us? REAL SIX HOURS doing nothing, but listening to old songs from my phone (headset is totally broken now… along with my ears).

Okay, enough about this retreat thing (for now)! We have a fashion week to cover, starting from New York to Paris and I honestly feel a little bit uneasy (or left out, you can choose one). I cannot believe how fast summer goes! From beach and holiday to summer camp to back-to-school to… end-of-summer. It’s okay it’s okay, we still have time to discuss the summer-street-stylitas and some gossips.

In that case, let’s start from NOW!!

What do you think about fruit bag during summer? Fruit? Bag?

Image taken from Jak and Jil