When Men Take Colors Seriously

by gimmegoodstyle

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A few years ago men and colors seems to be a strange idea. Colors are ugly! Colors are difficult to play with and who really wants to play with color, if she/he can wear black?! Viva black! Thanks God, things are starting to change. I praise Henry Holland and his wonderful House of Holland label, which encourages people to start bold with colors. And who can’t forget to mention Oscar de la Renta, when it comes to the upraising of pinky trends? His classic quote that goes something like ‘black is ugly, pink is a better color because it flatters every skin tone etc etc.’

The euphoria went straight from the designers’ minds to the street and some men (some is too many numbers to refer to the first group of ‘men love color’, maybe we should’ve used ‘a few’) finally realize wearing color is not a ‘gay thing.’ But I guess there is also one big helper behind this ‘men and colors’ trend.

Gossip Girl

Yes! The addictive story of young New Yorkers trying to stab each other and apologize right after they dump each of their boyfriends? The crew of Gossip Girl brought a new wave of trends into a much larger crowd of teenagers and more open minded (or too open minded crowds?) easing the ‘trendy colors’ trend to enter and seduce people’s minds. Who can’t forget Selena and Blair preppy style? And who can’t forget the impeccable punk style of Jenny (the designer? The one that almost dumped her family?)

Anyway, because we are currently in menswear world (duh!), the only one that we should be thankful to is Mr. Chuck Bass. The playboy with glamorous metropolitan lifestyle and tons of colorful shirts, vests, and blazers. A lot of them (seriously, he seems to have different vest each day… what a maniac! )(even though I only watch him until Season 2 because TOO MUCH DRAMA!) Admit it guys, you want to be as charming as Chuck.

Just say it out loud because tons of other guys want to feel the same thing Mr. Bass feels. The playboy world, the rich rich man things, the hot parties… and you also get a chance to flirt with Leighton Meester. Please, who doesn’t want that? And the easiest way to copy him is to dress like him. And the rest of the stories just fall like dominos.

It will be naive to think that men finally accept colors, good clothes and nice new cologne (at least, eau de toilette) as parts of their lifestyles. Jocks are always be jocks (I am considering myself as geek)(jocks are stupppiiiddddddddd!!!!!) And good menswear clothes are still a ‘gay thing’ to have. Pff, such an idiot. We are lucky though to live in exciting transition era, when people begin to make new traditions instead keeping the old ones. And we can be a part of this! Yeay! I am thinking about making a ‘wear your colorful jersey and basketball shorts all day’ tradition.

Don’t you like it?

P.S: And it’s such a stupid post, if I didn’t give you some real proves. Fine, I am giving you the real men. Real men with colors. On the street.

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