3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s not unusual for a high fashion brand to collaborate with more ‘reachable’ fashion line (we are talking about both promotion advantage and tons of incomes). Just look at H&M and it’s amazing portfolio of collaboration, each gives more euphoria than the last (I NEED ISABEL MARANT FOR H&M CLOTHES. I. NEED. THEM). But I never thought that 3.1 Phillip Lim would join Target and launch a totally new, chic, and pretty much original collection. I happened to download a few images from the lookbook and I instantly fall in love with them!

Everything doesn’t look like a cheap replica from it’s latest collection (a big big NO NO NO. Better buy something that’s totally different than a fake. Super-obvious-fake)(Imagine bumping with real Phillip Lim coat inside subway and the real-Phillip-Lim-coat-owner knows what you are wearing is (gasp!) fake!) It’s like the much calmer, simpler, more down to earth and (well, not something we should praise, but it’s okay) less high fashion version of Lim’s vision, but, who cares? It’s still Phillip Lim!

And the best thing is…. it’s for Target! It’s even more reachable than H&M (H&M is quite expensive label here in Jakarta, yeah…limited fashion budget thing).

We all can buy it! Yeay! Let’s go shopping!!!

Oh, wait, I forgot there is no such thing as Target in Indonesia.

Darn, so close!

Images taken from Huffington Post