Jason Wu Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


I think a lot of people (especially you Americans!) will hate me, if I say I hate Jason Wu and his designs. He is one of the ‘it’ boys in New York fashion stage and even Michelle Obama likes his clothes. And, thank God, I also one of his biggest fans. Jason has this fashion-sense that’s so different than other designers. I always feel like staring into a future than past archive, when I look at his new collection. A breath of fresh air with enough business instinct to keep the brand going.

This season Wu explored once again the beauty of fluidity, lightness and glimmering shine of sparkles to make masterpieces. The result is quite a unique combination of sportswear and evening-wear. I like the way he styled the models with sporty jacket right on top of glamorous dress, making me wonder how come he clash those two totally different stages with such easiness without weighing each other down? A real prove of real skills. Street-stylers should learn a lot from this guy.

But I am not saying the whole collection is praise-able (please, don’t hate me).

Some of the dresses from the show seems to uplift the concepts of see-through and sparkly, and  they are more Dita Von Teese on stage than high fashion (let me clarify a few things: bad Dita von Teese on stage). And that white gown at the end of the show? Nah, just not right for me. Plus… I hope Wu will launch those white bikinis in different colors (this is a matter of morality, dignity, self-esteem, and act of kindness), when they hit the stores a few months from now. I just can’t imagine real women wearing white bikinis.

Real. Plus. Size. Women…. I just can’t… why? why?

Images taken from Style.com

The Collection

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