Easy Breezy T-Shirt

by gimmegoodstyle

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Okay, as you already know, I went to a hellish retreat a few days ago. And it’s not the retreat program that’s hellish, it’s me. Yeah, one thing I learn (easily!) from the retreat is I have no religious skill to go praying from day until night (who can do it?!?!?! WHOOO??!?) or do a ‘calm and focused’ pose on cold concrete floor.

How many times I have to say that it’s not my style!!

Sigh, let’s focused on something more uplifting: how we can dress during the retreat. First, we have to wear shirts or something that has collar on it. Second, no shorts, just pants or jeans. I can comply nicely with the second rules. But the first one is just silly.

What is wrong with t-shirts?

T-shirt is like the most basic item everyone has and it is really casual, easy to work with, and supportive. Do you ever have any bad moment with your t-shirt? I am sure, you haven’t. T-shirt is like a sincere friends with many many faces to cheer you up (especially if you call your t-shirts… Giordano or Gap. Best. Thing. Ever!)

Well, maybe I can’t return to retreat moments to say this post out loud, but I will say it out loud during the more exciting event: Fashion Weeks. Come on guys, forget dresses for awhile and rest your body and mind inside fashion’s most beloved item: a good, fashionable, easy breezy T-shirt.

Image taken from The Sartorialist