Alexander Wang Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Fashion weeks are so damn tiring! I rushed home today right after school and hopped onto my chair just to see the latest show (this is the real proof of how fashion geek I am). I saw tons of names lining up to be seen… yes, Victoria Beckham, Altuzarra, Christian Siriano and, of course, the coolest kid in town, Mr. Alexander Wang. I have repeatedly told you that the most delicate thing about this man (and his designs) is the energy. The young, cool feelings people associate with New York City. And they’re right. Alexander Wang is undoubtedly the king of coolness, sporty-chic, and…New York.

Today, the Balenciaga’s designer, brings his fashion house’s logo to the clothes. Literally. You can see Alexander Wang written all over the belt and as details, reminding me of 80s-90s trend, when logo was the biggest thing in trend encyclopedia. Wang said that the logo is just for fun, something that he feels missing from fashion industry. Okay then… whatever you say Wang.

It’s not the logo detailings that makes me green with envy for not having the…right requirements to wear the clothes though. It’s that classic Alexander Wang casual vibe. All I can see from the show is easiness, casual, and basic items with more precise cuttings and techniques. Only in Alexander Wang you can find a cropped top with micro shorts, and one-button-sexy shirt with casual printed-pencil-skirt look so cool. Not even in Saint Laurent. Man, this guy even doesn’t need heavy patterns and prints to make a good clothes. Master of Simplicity.

Ah, I thought the collection was almost too simple, but this one is more comfortable to wear than his previous collections. I guess that’s the price he has to pay for creating easy-to-wear (even more advanced than ready-to-wear because easy-to-wear has to be both chic AND.. well, easy to wear) clothes for everyone. Not just red-carpet butterflies.

Oh, Alexander Wang! You stole my heart again!!

P.S: The look I posted for main image above is just HOT. Super trendy!! Love the formality, stiffness, clean design. That jacket/top will definitely be the next trendy thing!! Go go go, buy it, rent it, steal it. I don’t care!

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