Last But Not Least

by gimmegoodstyle

ny fashion week marine

During fashion weeks, I like to slowly recap what’s happening around the streets. The trends, the people, the street photographers. All of them are significant in determining which trend is hot and which is not. Excluding Anna Dello Russo, Lady Gaga, and other fashion maniacs that like to put something we can’t imagine on top of their heads (cherry?), I think I get some points so far just from New York Fashion Week. I know, I am such a diligent blogger this time!

First, it’s white. White t-shirts, white shirts, white cropped tops, white dresses. Everything is shining white these past few months. And all those designers seem to still fancying and exploring this color. Well, I guess time to really change and become a careful person, if you want to follow this trend.

Second, it’s all about simplicity guys. People tend to wear less demanding clothes and start buying sporty, basic pieces for their fashion weeks looks. Light clothes are nin and heavy dresses are totally out. Uh, I even found some people wearing silky pajamas out there. And I AM NOT A FAN OF PAJAMA TREND! 

Third, big bags. Giant bags. Monstrous bags. The bigger, the better. Here’s the thing about a big bag, you can put everything you want inside it, but you also have to be ready and loose everything you throw down there because big bags are just not practical! I don’t know why people still fight for this trend. Geez, I guess the fact big bags run from one runway to another (Jason Wu to Alexander Wang) makes people think size doesn’t really matter anymore.

The funny thing is, I realize I can find an old fashion week picture where a model wore all those trends above in just one look. Nope, she is not a psychic nor a fashion journalists with sharp instincts (ugh, those people scared me with their sharp predictions and stares). When people don’t believe that fashion world is repetitive and not really unpredictable, well, they should compare old fashion weeks pictures with new ones. I did. And now I believe fashion is not that confusing.

Image taken from Vanessa Jackman