There Is Something On Your Face

by gimmegoodstyle

feifeiglitteryeyes paris

The funniest thing about fashion week is you get to wear everything you like, even the most bizarre outfit you ever have, and just walk straight from your apartment to those magical tents and people will still give time to think, analyze, and interpret your clothes.

Something that goes like these: OMG, she wears an amazing pink coat…wait, is that really a coat? Maybe she is one of those avant-garde fan… no, no, it’s a coat…probably; Look at her shoes… it might be vintage, I can totally see a little chip on the heels… or maybe it’s DIY? She looks smart, yes, it must be a DIY; Is she trying to replicate Victorian dress and modernize it with red heels?!!

Yes, people will speculate even more, even though you just wear a very trendy t-shirts from Coconut Island and mere jeans. People will think you are inspired by beach trend a few weeks ago. Ah, what a geek! Glamorous geeks.

Let’s give those people more to think about by wearing extreme makeups! I suggest you to try glittery eyes makeup. Real glitters. Like, giant sparkles… Okay, some of you might be frowning and giving up already, but glitters are just so simple to wear (and hot in fashion weeks last season, which means worth to try THIS season)(I know, such a confusing idea). Just ask those hidden geniuses behind makeups counters. They will teach you better than I can.

But I will give some references for the outfit.

Hmm, because glitters usually associated with nightlife and such things, I guess it will be a good idea to wear dresses. A little revealing, laser-cut, simple dress. I am thinking Alexander Wang classic white, but everything will do just good. One thing to remember is: don’t wear glittery clothes, unless you want to blind the whole world (street photographers are just merciless crowds!) You already have those sparks on your eyes.

Well, time to give them some real makeup-sucker-punch!

Image taken from Jak and Jil