Timo Weiland Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


The day Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, two internships in fashion industry (or former interns), met must be one of lucky days for fashion industry (the day when I made this blog is also a lucky day)(fine, stop praising myself. I know I know). There is nothing better than watching a show by new (well, not so new. Maybe we should call them ‘indie’ designers)(you know, like music industry has indie musician, even though most people already know those talented indies), talented, young designers because their visions are just wild, immature, beautiful and easily connect with teens like me (I remember talking to my friends about Valentino Fall 2013 Haute Couture and the only they asked was… so, what is a Wunderkammer??)

Timo and Alan, under the brand called ‘Timo Weiland’, creates exactly those feelings when they make clothes and shows. Youth and boldness of their designs really caught my heart in split second and I already forgot about Marc by Marc Jacobs show (who needs him?!?!) Their show steals more spotlight in my heart.

I don’t really know why…or care to really figure it out… maybe because the fact that their designs are so wearable and easy to walk in without making us look like straight-from-Target fashionista-wannabe. They are not making ‘semi couture’ shit, they are making clothes for real men and women. And it can be the fact that they DID make some menswear pieces in womenswear fashion weeks (such an interesting yet unpopular move). Okay, maybe there is nothing really special with the menswear, but still worth a glance. And it definitely has something to do with the way both of these cool guys combine sheer and different piece of fabrics all together neatly in one single dress (hard job. Really hard) without tearing the specialities of each fabric.

Hmm, I can ramble about them again and again, I just feel that they have so many things to achieve and they just go with the flow, let their creativities do the best. Nothing difficult, just a pure easy-to-wear clothes for everyone (except babies, it’s the law of fashion nature. No new designers create baby clothes, they are just not really interested).

The real problem (also my personal plea) is to keep the prices easy for everyone too.

Images taken from Style.com