Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Oscar de la Renta is the perfect fashion form of elegance and feminine. In the world where women start to wear pants more often than skirts, Oscar is like the last frontier for true sweetness, flattery, and the softer side of a woman. The one that makes us respect women even more.

Oscar delivered a beautiful show this season with softer color than the last collection, but more eye catching and also simpler dresses with more volume. And lace! Lace was the opening numbers, used as white dresses or flattering skirt (a perfect spring outfit, don’t you think? Hello spring *flap here, flap there*). Ah, don’t ask about flowers! Flowers are the never ending topic in Spring fashion weeks. There isn’t a show where flower doesn’t appear. You just have to open your eyes real wide girls (I am not).

Dramatic dresses come in wrap-your-head-out black veil with party gown. Voluminous, dramatic, beautiful, and elegant, those come in one complete package in this season’s Oscar de la Renta show. There is something a bit loose from de la Renta though and I am too hammered (just woke up) to figure it out alone.

Is it the lack of speculation surrounding this season’s show? (is Galliano still in the house? Is he the one that made this whole amazing collection? Is he learning fashion -with attitude- from one of the oldest masters?) Or is it because de la Renta showing off to the whole world his current favorite models, Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls? I mean, it’s not a big deal, but I feel bad for other models that were standing right behind the stage. They were working hard too, you know.

Maybeeee he is not picking favorites? Just showing father-daughter bonds they have since, oh, yearssssssss ago!

But…. *clearing negative assumptions from my head*…. this is a truly good collection that reminds us it’s a good thing for a woman to dress like a woman used to dress, despite feminism and all those ‘no-sexist’ things.

It’s fashion after all.

Images taken from Style.com

P.S: Those earrings are perfect sweetener for the whole looks from the show. Big, popping and totally proof my theory about brave accessories.

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