STYLE Loves: Inspiration Board

by gimmegoodstyle

inspiration board

My friends were hanging out in my home a few weeks ago (watching new movie from the internet (tsk, dvd player is so out of date!), debating on what is the best way to make caramel popcorn and laying in the bed -and floor- convincing ourselves that the best way to finish our homework is to do it by ‘ourselves’ later at night), when they suddenly asked me what is that brownish board with tons of random pictures that I hung on the wall right in front of my bed (noted: my bedroom is quite small, so the brownish board come to the view almost instantly)?

I was in shocked and ‘unbelievable’ state.

How can a grown up did not know the existence of an inspiration board?

Okay, as blogger (uh, fashuuunnn bloggerr!!!) and also a fashion geek, inspiration board is such an interesting and exciting training to keep my brain in use (since I am not that creative or effortlessly design-genius. It takes time for me to come up with an idea). It takes a lot of patience, space creativity, and passion to gather images and post-its from different sources and put them together in one medium-sized brownish board (don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and I won’t accept messy pin board with tons of messy, abstract images. We are talking about inspirational brownish board everyone…).

Plus, I have never seen designer without an inspiration board inside their offices or home!

This board just put everything right into it’s place while also maintaining the beauty of our creativities.

So, what are you waiting for?? Go get one!

And by the time I finished talking, they were already fast asleep (means we just entered a whole new level of hanging out, when we are good enough to sleep on someone else’s bed*).

*that’s said without having any unnecessary intention.

Image taken from Style Bubble