10 Thoughts About Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’

by gimmegoodstyle


Ow-kay, stop it fashionistas! Stop!! Why are you keep moving really fast these past few days? I know that it’s fashion week, but still… do we have to talk about it all the time?! Actually maybe I don’t want to talk about it all the time because I am starting to fall out behind. Huff, I guess I just can’t compete with all those ‘update all the time’ bloggers.

So, let’s start talking about something else for a while. Mmm, not all topics are as exciting as fashion weeks, but I know one person that you will find out very easy to talk about, very controversial, and as fierce as fashion shows can be. And people seem to talk about this one individual even more during the fashion weeks.

Please welcome Miley Cyrus and her new video: Wrecking Ball!!! 

To make matters short (I wish we can talk about this girl until fashion weeks end, but I also have tons of fashion pictures to show you. Oh, dilemma!!), I will tell you my 10 thoughts about her newest music video.

  1. The beginning of the video is just pretty. Pretty close up. Pretty eyes. Pretty teeth (hell, those are the whitest teeth ever!), and very very emotional (tears….ugh, I am going to cry with you Mileeeyyyy).
  2. The scene changed and I am a bit stunned with her outfit choice again. White crop top and white… panties? Oh, and a sledgehammer. Classy, you know.
  3. Umm…. why she licks the sledgehammer? Gross…..
  4. The (first) crane ball scene is just epic! I love how the director slows the falling bricks to get the best dramatic effect. Maybe Miley can do more with that sledgehammer than just licking it. Gross…..
  5. Oh, the close up again! Prettty!!!!! 
  6. The crane ball looks epic, but don’t you think Miley should play a little more with….okay,wait…she is hanging there…she is…naked. Cool, naked Miley. Seen it all the timee… ah, what a beautiful breast! Stop it stop it stop it…. art art art art.
  7. One parent-like dominant thought: AGAINNNN?!?!?!? NAKED CAN BE NOT-REALLY-SEXY. 
  8. Licking the sledgehammer again?!!?!? Arghhh….germssssss….stttooopppp!!!
  9. Laying in the dust. Very sad. Very cinematic….. oh, umm…there is a bit panty-stain..not important, but quite annoying detail that somehow keeps me from connecting with the lyrics (Wreckinggg balll…ya, you wre-e-e-ck me…oh, shit, that stain!) Sorry Miley, even a stylish girl like you can’t deny the Law of White.
  10. Even though filled with negative comments and people telling me how bad the video is, I just read this interview where Miley explained the whole details: the licking-sledgehammer? Miley is secretly loving the pain in her relationship (*cough* Liam *cough*). The naked-crane-ball? She feels naked and vulnerable because of the just-broke-up thing (call Taylor Swift, please! Someone! She is dying!!)

Well, I guess she has some reasons doing random ‘too sexy’ things in the video and it’s quite relieving for me. Ah, and the director is Terry Richardson. Oh, man, that guy is just ‘too hot’ for me to handle. Everything becomes porn-artistic in his hands.

Let’s get out from here.


(And the song is just beautiful, if you listen to it without watching the video. So pure, a bit rough, sad, easy to understand, and a good vocal start for new Miley v.2.0).