Rodarte Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


I am sure Los Angeles is a nice city because Vogue and Rodarte are talking about it. While Vogue made tons of articles on it’s infamous September Issue (I love it. Love love love. I can marry it!) Rodarte made a collection inspired by the unique vibe of the city. I guess when it comes to L.A you have to get crazy a little bit. You know, the parties, the A-listers, the crazy lifestyle. But there is nothing cooler than a party with some L.A cool punks.

And it seems that Rodarte (aka Mulleavy sisters) agree with me (wait, who can disagree with me? Snob snob).

Rough overalls, giant belt, crop top, animal prints, super asymmetric skirt and vintage cuttings are all out for the collection. The whole things really remind me of somewhere crowded, filled with heavy musics, youngsters (only hipsters/SWAG/youngsters wear their caps reversed, right?), and no-parents-zone (say bye bye to your daddy and mommy!)

This is the collection where we think nothing, but the greatest and wildest moment in our lives. I know live is short, so why don’t we really take it into the rude, aggressive fun sometimes? Please praise Rodarte to remind me about such an exciting moment, while also keeping us not far away from the latest trend. White (oh, man, this color is HOT!) and more crop tops (prepare your bellies because Rodarte’s look so damn tight!), and punk. Punk is still glamorizing the catwalk, thanks to MET Gala and Saint Lauent’s cool kid, Hedi Slimane (which also resides in L.A. Hmm, coincidence? I don’t think so).

I always thought Rodarte as a haunting brand. Their inspirations are psychic, a bit horror, filled with dark fantasies and other-worldly twists, but there is a near-perfect, personal beauty in it. This season I feel something changing though, their inspirations become much more approachable (you can hardly duck Los Angeles, if you live on earth) and less-personal than usual. I take this change as a good thing because it shows the fashion crowds how versatile they are to be able to change their designs aesthetics to match the inspirations and concepts of a collection. I call this as one of the most important qualities to deliver a good show.

About the techniques and how wearable they are.. well, they are indeed wearable…

*holding critics inside my mouth*….

*breaking apart*…

Don’t you think some of the pieces are just not right? Well, I blame my ‘hate 00s style’ attitude for that, but I just can’t imagine modern A-listers with glamorous fashion-red-carpet-history wear those 00s like pieces (and I know I will be wrong in the next few weeks. Darn, all those stylists are too good!)

I used to imagine Rodarte as a more ‘dressed’ (means something bigger than crop top and shorts), modernized, futuristic, haunting (okay, that’s probably the result of my hyperactive imagination for fictions). Anything but 80s-00s styleeee!!!

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