Half Blue

by gimmegoodstyle

half blue parkandcube.com

While people still fancying white, I think there is something in that color that will make it only last until summer. Please, wearing white during heavy snow storm or rain mixed with heaven’s mud and whatever dirty particles inside? No no no, don’t make me do it. And I won’t because I can’t even if I want to. Sorry man, tropical country advantage. I am telling you, stop wearing white for a few months. How about blue?

Royal blue, dark blue, indigo blue (DID I tell you about my new indigo Urbanears headphone? No? I promise we will talk about it very soon). Anything with blue in it makes me excited right now. I just can’t tell you the reason, it’s more like a mood than a technical explanation. One fine day I woke up and just thought: stop white, start the blue.

Just like any other colors like white or black, I feel there is a certain limitation when you are wearing blue. Head to toe blue makes you look like a Smurf wannabe and wearing the blue too little is like not embracing the trend (duh!) The solution is to find the balance with your blue. And I think the best thing you can do is to wear half-blue. You know what I mean right? It’s like wearing blue for half of your outfit then the other half will belongs to the other colors…..

Like white (ugh!)

For example: we are currently talking about winter outfit, so there will be more pieces to play with. I suggest you to wear blue for coat, pants and maybe heels (Assuming you will wear heels instead of ugly uggs). And the rest goes to white or black or whatever color you like. But better be neutral this time because color blocking is not on really on the menu these days, which is such a shame (love the color blocking trend! Why do it has to end so fast?!)

Well, what do you think? After hearing this blue thing, will you still white (and ducking in the street during the-great-whatever-storm) or be a little bit cooler and strut happily with new found wisdom called blue?

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