Nostalgic Item No.2

by gimmegoodstyle


Remember the Nostalgic Item No.1 post? I think it’s such a great thing to use my blog as a media to share some of my childhood memories.

So, I make the second one.

I was digging my father’s old wardrobe when I found his beloved watch.

It’s really thin (even thinner than your iPhone!) and it’s Gucci. Okay, probably a fake Gucci (why the hell my family really like to buy fake stuffs?!!?), but he said to me that he traveled the world during his youth (possibly after the World War 2)(okay, just kidding) with this watch. He said he had to adjust the timezone all the time (no automatic adjustment thing during post-WW2) from Las Vegas (he did has the photograph of him standing in front of ‘Welcome to Vegas’ really old billboard) to New Zealand.

I hope the story is not fake too….