The Clash of The Soft

by gimmegoodstyle

dior and jonathan saunders geometric top

Color clashing or color blocking is usually associated with bold colors. Really bright green, eye-killing yellow, brain-freezing blue, popping red. All of them layered on top of each other just for one outfit. It looks great (most of the time in Vogue), but not all people are bold enough to wear such energetic colors.

One bold color is probably still good enough, but all of them? No, no, please don’t make me do it. And don’t deny my words because I have done my research (ask my sister, ask my friends, ask their boyfriends -which totally lost, but still polite enough to answer… behind their girlfriends’ backs *evil laugh*). Come on, just admit it, bold colors are horrifying to wear. Well, no judgement, but I agree with you. Not all people look beautiful with bold colors, most of ‘ordinary’ people look even worse with bold-color-blocking style.

Well, what can we do? Of course, I can’t change your skin complexion, your body or your big nose (do you think you have a big nose??), but you can change the color you want to use as color blocking material. Here is the easy-fashion-logic: if you can’t wear bold, just wear soft colors. Pff, such an easy thing to learn.

Everyone can do it with just one finger snap.


(Nothing happens? Strange….)

Now… what clothes you can actually wear…It has to be soft, it has to be chic, it has to be hipster, it has to be easy enough to wear with other outfit (color blocking is also about layering). Hmm, with these much requirements I suggest you wear something like Dior dress (something like Susie Bubble, honestly…). No, I know Dior is truly expensive, but you can buy something that looks like Dior dress. Oh, please we all do it.

At least, at some points in our lives.

And because Dior SS13 Lace Dress is such a small outfit (means it glorifies your sexy body, skins, and legs)(seriously, you want to walk out from the runway looking exactly like that?!), we can add something under it. Susie Bubble (my main inspiration for this post and ultimate street stylers) choose Jonathan Saunders geometric tops (chic!) and Miu Miu skirt. All of them is just perfect for soft-color-blocking! The soft yellow, the soft black, the peach. Ah, heaven!

All of them are not cheap too, I do notice, but you have two choices here: go to your favorite sewer and force him/her to make one for you (cheap ones) OR buy the originals…and take them as investments.

One more choice: rob Susie Bubble.

My God, so easy.

Just like Bling Ring! Chic, no?

More complete outfit description can be seen here. 

Image taken from Style Bubble