Proenza Schouler Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Simplicity can be a boring concept. It’s the same with standing in an empty, clean room with just one television that only sets in one permanent channel. Argh, feels like a nightmare! Or probably a mental asylum (uh, Thom Browne?), there is no fun playing with simplicity all the time. We have to jump off the window and do something out of the box. But this simple-is-boring concept is a stranger for both Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, Proenza Schouler’s creative directors.

To proof their disapproval, they choose simple and ‘domesticity’ for their new collection’s theme. Playing with stiff, formal build of creme coats and blazers with deep V-neck, oh, more crop tops. Crop tops with silvery, glittering patterns that reminded me of something people use to build plastic roofs. Like hardware material. Um, let’s call it a glamorized-hardware-material-look-alike fabric (sorry fashion student geeks, not in your league right now).

(Well, I don’t really understand the meaning of domesticity in fashion, but I am sure I know a thing or two about simplicity.)

Okay, maybe I am the one that suggest us to fly out of the window and into different boxes, but sorry guys, I can’t resist the Proenza’s effect (let’s go simple! Who cares?! Buy that coat, buy everything in this show!) This brand really gets me this season, just like the last time. Remember their all out prints collections with bizarre colors and popping prints?

This time it’s more subtle yet still has the same fashion effect on me. Hmm, like obsessively trying to match the blazer/crop tops/maxi skirts with different ‘designers’ clothes on Polyvore (I never know Proenza can be so chic combined with Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren!) and things like that.

Nothing harmful. I am lucky I am a guy, not a crazy shopaholic woman with her boyfriend Visa account and Moda Operandi official site….

Uh, where were we?

Right, Proenza Schouler, simplicity, and truly beautiful, effortless, chic, right on the notch collection…

Maybe I yawned in the beginning, but it was almost midnight!

Now, I am officially a live streaming addict.

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