Apple Desire

by gimmegoodstyle


I have a little bit marketing-business theory going on in my head. I think there is something called ‘specific desire’ inside every human. This desire never shows up in front of everyone, it’s hidden well like guilty pleasure, the difference is you can only feel it the moment the object of your desire is launching something new. It can be a bag, it can be a new purse, it can be a food…and it can be an iPhone.

Okay, my object of specific desire is Apple. Every single thing Apple launches to the market is my mental torture. I want them! I need them! I have to save more money for them! It’s like a constant thoughts. I try to read some of the reviews about Apple and even when those geeks write ‘bad shit’ all over the blogs, I still want them. Maybe I am not alone out there, but I doubt Apple Fans want to help me get the new MacBook Pro. More like ‘kill me and claim the MacBook.’ Oh yeah, I am writing this post from my MacBook Air.

How greedy I am?! Apple makes me become a monster!

And they just launched their new iPhones. Yes people, two new iPhone… 5c and 5s.

I tried to ignore the news by keep saying to myself I don’t need those new glossy beautifully designed phones like mantra inside my head (no no no, say no, you are a strong man… you can do it…. okay, let me see the official pictures. NOW!!!) Yup, totally failed. Now I am craving for them. And the worst thing is I am craving for both of them. Whatever comes to my door first. I don’t even care about ‘what’s new and what’s not’ rumors, I just want them and I am sure most people think the same. Come on, I also say to my friends iPhone has nothing new anymore to offer… yet I still want them.

Ow, please God. A little help is more than needed.

But you know what? I am totally not going to buy these new iPhones. Nope, not even if they come with various beautiful colors (I want white please!) or fingerprint sensor (so cool!) or new iSight (aka camera)(the slow-motion feature is truly important! Need ONE!!!). Nah, I will say no. Why? Because I am trying to get in Graphic Design class in college and put my brain in the right place. iPhone won’t help me a lot in college. So, no thanks….

I am saving for new MacBook Pro (with biggggggg memories)(so important!)

Please… don’t judge me.

I am a victim.

Image taken from Apple