Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Finally! The last show from New York Fashion Week. I shouldn’t congratulate myself because London is already running around the messy streets with it’s teasing smile and childish energy. Man, I feel left out! Okay then, let’s take this shit one by one. Marc Jacobs. Theatrical. Dark fantasy. People say you should expect the unexpected from Prada show. Oh yeah, I agree. Prada is great. But you know what? I don’t really think Prada is that popping explosive. It’s Marc Jacobs lately that capture my attentions on (a big thing, since is filled with high-resolution images).

When others are making mutual decision in trending the white trend (trending trend. Okay, now I am confused), Marc stood silently alone and went on with his dark twisted fantasy. There is no plain white in the collection, there is no simplicity, there is no usual trend. Marc was playing with fringe (sooo…fringe is finally back, huh?), big shoulders, dark colors, vintage floral prints, and cool girl make ups instead.

I was in wild excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I love simplicity, but seeing simple clothes and show for the last 4 days make me sick. Really sick. I needed A REAL SHOW (and what I mean with real show is crazily theatrical yet still good to wear) and Marc Jacobs is more than enough for that ‘I’ve been waiting for’ show. I had a funny thought when I looked at the collection online for the first time.

Man, did he slip into my grandma closet and just redid everything!?

It seems like I have seen the flower patterns before, the colors, the dresses. They’re vintage of course, but I can tell they come from the same age with my grandma (and my mom. Ugh, nothing worse than seeing your teen mom with her former-best-friends. Ah, vintage drama?) I love the show, the collection, the dark fantasy vibe, the vintage clothes. I love them all.

And one more excitement is I think it’s very easy to wear them, you just have to be the girl who knows nothing about simplicity.

Aw, what an exciting prospect!

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