J.W. Anderson Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


When people talk good things about Spring I usually shut the hell up. I mean, I can’t complain about the incoming heat, the summer-instant-fling (he loves me, he loves me not), the sweats, the crowded beaches, the tourist information guy that keeps on going about someplace I don’t really know how to get there (Bali, last summer, super lost somewhere in the middle of Jimbaran area).

Spring and summer seasons are about naivety.

People dream about them all the time and when it comes, they pack with light hearted and Eat Pray Love spirit then comes back brokenhearted, no money left, and possibly someone is freaking hurt again (there is a reason why doctors are still working during summer holiday).

Aw, man! Summer is HOT and damp sometimes, we know it yet we pretend we never sweat a single drop during those times of year. Cheers for the winter I say. Well, there is one guy that has almost the same concept of summer with me though. Surprisingly, he is from England. London, to be precise. The capital city of chill, grey clouds, and ‘aw, not rain again!’

Please, give it to Jonathan Anderson.

After his beautiful show in London, he talked about his hot studio and how he sweats a lot during those days of torture and misfortunes (poor chap…), that’s why this season he incorporated something lighter, more see through, while keep giving the best artistic craftsmanship he always have in his collection. Actually, I am not a big fan of J.W. Anderson for Versus last season (no no no, still can’t find a way how to wear all those dresses and make ups), but now I agree a hundred percents with his light designs and ‘some skins to show’ dresses.

This is great.

Finally, a real interpretation of summer.

But don’t gimme that look!

Come on, light clothes are always fun to wear (no need to sweat too!) Jonathan gives us interesting choices with organza-like pieces, twisty bottoms (chic alert!), and asymmetric dresses. All of them has a little…slips, so people can..uh, literally see your breasts and other parts of your body that you should be proud of.

One more interesting thing is I am a bit shocked to find colors in London Fashion Week (well, at least from J.W. Anderson. Green? Red? Yellow? Come on, the skirts?!!) because, you know, London seems to be more black and white than New York and usually both of them have pretty much the same trends (after that, Milan and Paris team up to fight those trends. Such intense competition), well, considering this is my first London Fashion Week review (too lazy to type faster than this. Be patient fellas), so…maybe I can be *gasp* wrong.

Okay, apart from the shared vision of summer, I adore this collection because it’s not just about easy clothes for summer or London’s fashion show. This is art. I love art, I love fashion. Now, I can see both of them, thanks to J.W. Anderson!

(Oh, hey, that can be a good advertising dialogue!)

Images taken from Style.com

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