OCD Diet?

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-09-19 10:35:17 +00001

‘Sorry, I can’t hang out for brunch with you guys, I am OCD-ing right now.’

My friends rejected my brunch offer with such a cold attitude that left me confused. Huh, you are an OCD? Obsessive-compulsive-disorder?! Since when? How? Did you see the psychologist? Is it bad?

My friends laughed at me with such explosive manner until I thought they were going to explode. Nah, it turns out ICD is a new popular diet by this magician (illusionist?) called Deddy Corbuzier, he is quite famous around here, and it is very simple. You don’t have to do exercise or things like that (say bye bye to your gym gold member card). All you have to do is to control how much protein you take every single day. Wow, no exercise and I can eat (okay, not freely, but we can eat) anything I want as long as it doesn’t surpass my protein-limit? Sounds like a good diet. I wanted to give it a try, but my incoming hope for a perfect body was crushed by the rules of the diet.

First, you can’t eat anything until around 12 am, which means strictly no breakfast or brunch (bye bye toasties!). 

Second, you can eat between 12 am to 8 pm and that’s it! No more late night snacks! 

Third, second week (or is it third week?) you can eat between 12 am to 6 pm and continue the routine after you feel something different from your body. 

Fourth, around Thursday you can pause your diet and eat like usual. 

I guess those are all the rules I know.

Well, I am a biology student and I have learned a thing or two in high school about energy and such things. Hmm, I don’t think this is a totally good way to lose some weights. You see, breakfast is the most important meal in one day. I always need to eat something before jump to school because I will be starved to death by the time the recess come, if I skip the breakfast. Okay, maybe there are some people who can live without eating anything in the morning (such a freak!) and yeah, coffee can make up for all those steamy buns and strawberry jam.

But you have to eat nothing until 12 am. NOTHING.

That is a perfect way to get a stomach disorder (or gastric pain).

My father is an acute stomach disorder patient and it all happened because he used to have (almost) the same eating method with this OCD diet. Now, he has to take a lot of pills after every meal he has to reduce the pain (nothing serious, but quite uncomfortable especially when you are in young, hip, and a bit wild restaurant. People used to think he is using drugs..)(shame on you punks!) You can say I am afraid to end up like my father (have to drink pills even after eating a small cone of ice cream -while people questioning inside their heads what kind of drugs I just take). So…. no OCD, just eat properly and regularly.

But i never said that this is a truly bad diet. Probably no. My friends are doing great (no grumpy haven’t-eat-anything mood, no sudden burst of anger, no hormones, no bad skins) and people who are doing OCD are popping all over the Twitter and social medias (my ways to keep up with the trend) and they seem to have a good time. But I just can’t hold the hunger for so many hours. I am a busy student (and blogger), I need my energy.

And totally not gastric pain.

Truth to be told, this diet reminds me a bit about anorexic people who slowly refuse to eat, which creeps me. A LOT. The difference is this diet has a more medical explanation than anorexic. Am I being too harsh?

(BUT maybe it can work for you!)

More information about this diet here