STYLE Loves: A Good Pair Of Wedges

by gimmegoodstyle

wedges london

Heels are so last year! Okay, that’s a lie. Heels are all over the years. But there are times when people are tired. Even fashion people. We are humans after all. And there is nothing better to turn our attention into something a little bit more comfortable than killer heels (assassin heels?).

Let me introduce you to your fashion-weeks-saviour….


Sure, wedges has the same height with heels, but it has thicker soles and you don’t need to practice how-to-deny-gravity-with-shoes to wear wedges.

To add another point why we better use wedges: look at the picture. Oh man, I just love it. It’s chic, cool, biker-chic (so you can say that it is double-chic!), tomboy, and very highhhh….. well, maybe it’ll hurt a bit.

Pfff….Who cares?! We are fashion people!

Image taken from Le-21Eme