Geek of the Day: Marc-Antoine Locatelli and Lucas Boirat

by gimmegoodstyle

When fashion week is still raging on the web, I took a little time for art and look around for something fun to see. Fun and inspirative. And how lucky I am to find this artistic video called Nuance. Before we begin though, I would like to ask you a question:

Have you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender?

It seems strange to ask you this question, but I am serious. Have you ever watched it? If you have, then you might have a clearer image on what’s going on in Nuance by Marc-Antoine Locatelli and Lucas Boirat. Marc-Antoine, a french director, teamed up with Lucas Boirat, a dancer, to create a combination of dance and high-level video editing.

The concept is to let Lucas dance around with such incredible, energetic, and filled with passion movements in a simple dark stage then put some abstract, glowing material in his hand WHILE he is dancing. It’s like Lucas is trying to tame the mysterious energy. Like Avatar (see my point before?)

The idea of dancing with the mysterious energy is just an eye catching and exciting one, but I never thought the result could be that… awesome. I just love to see the merging of two major art branches (dance with graphic/video design), giving us an amazing, mind blowing performance. Aw, it’s such a huge disappointment to know the glowing energy is fake, I could imagine people going mad if they see this show live right with their own eyes.

You know what? We should ask Aang (Ang? Angg? The guy with the air bending power?) to do some shows.

With Marc-Antoine and Boirat, of course.

Images taken from My Modern Met (click to see them move around in GIF manner)